Squirrel video 1

                                          Casa de LuzHome of Light引光之家 
                                          Adiós Casa

                                          I leave, softly and gently,
                                          as I came, quiet and unknowingly
                                          I wave to the western sky,
                                          Say: "See u when I see you" , Gently.

                                          The golden Casa de the river edge
                                          Luz the setting sun‘s bride.
                                          Her quivering reflection
                                          Stays fixed in my dream.

                                          2012 Autumn, Casa de Luz

                                          See you when I see you!

                                          Squirrel 2
                                          butiful food
                                           butiful people  butiful home

                                          casa de luz 的厨房

                                          LSI badge


                                          use the table tower to fold the hat


                                          Juanito Luz