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                                          2012 7 21 - 2012 7 29

                                          Casa 外照,中饭,松鼠、桥的视频,刀的比较,China Town, 叠铅笔冒,噢耶!!,杨桃的书画

                                           Casa 外边的小学

                                          Casa 外边的小学

                                          To fold a pencil cap, a childish way

                                          a Casa's dining corner


                                          3 kind of nifes used, all made in Japan

                                          The knife is unreasonable expensive (> $100)

                                          The design of this knife is just perfect
                                          and considerate. The dent and hole
                                          ensure non-sticking during cutting.

                                          This one is just commercial

                                          Flower outside Casa

                                          China town gold fish pond

                                          when hes is small

                                          shrek the jerk

                                          an happy jerk

                                          I love this piece of story ...